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The positive effects of improving your environment at home

The positive effects of improving your environment at home


More and more people are coming to understand the huge importance of thinking and feeling positive and none more than those of us in the fitness and health trade.

One of the often overlooked ways of improving your state of mind is by improving the environments where you spend the most time, work and home. We often focus all of our design energy on our gardens and our sitting rooms but not so much on our office/study or our bedroom, where we spend the majority of our time.

The truth, of course, is that the office is actually a bigger influence on our state of mind than any other environment, as it is where we endure the most stress and the most challenge. It is also a space that has to be robust and practical, whether you are using it as a part-time gym and training area, or just as a space for your admin and communication time.

So what we need is a few touches that are quick tom implement and that will not wear the scars of a client spilling their coffee down the walls or bringing along the children for half-an-hour.

Well perhaps these are a good fit, something you can just drop on your office sofa that really can transform a space as long as it has decent lighting:

Any sofa with a few of these in the back office or simply at the side of your training area really is a head-turner, but more importantly they are something that can bring you joy every day when you are arriving or leaving, or just looking up wondering what to try next.

You can see the whole selection at Nicole Jenny's throw cushion page on Fine Art America but do be sure to stretch any designs to cover the whole cushion for the proper results.

We have four currently in the GTme office and they are magnificent, and if you have a certain inspiration or desire you wish Nicole to capture, you can ask for a commission at 

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