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OK it's a Great Idea for Protein and Crickets Have Been Eaten for Thousands of Years, but....

OK it's a Great Idea for Protein and Crickets Have Been Eaten for Thousands of Years, but....


Of course, I know what you're thinking, in this modern age of veganism and genetically grown alternatives to meat surely eating insects is the last thing that anyone should be considering, but the simple truth is that they could actually be good for you in very natural ways, as in you have evolved eating them and that is important.

Blind clinical trials conducted on people across the world has shown that eating certain bugs increases the bacteria in your gut and helps reduce tissue inflammation across much of your body.

Green Cricket Insect

It is estimated that around 2 Billion people have insects as part of their daily diet which is nearly a quarter of us, and this has to mean that they are definitely not a food with long term health problems. Amid concern that Western humans may not have the correct enzymes with which to break down the exoskeletons of some insect groups eaten further East, it is obvious that the cooked, flavoured products being provided by companies in Canada and the US are a more digestible alternative and the powder products aimed at fitness and health professionals are definitely gaining a hold on the market where traditional meat and dairy based products have historically been the big sellers.

There are around 1 Million species of insects currently known to exists which accounts for more than half of all the categorised species on Earth. Many of these insects are capable of living in environments that no other animals can be farmed upon without destroying the local ecological system. In short, no matter where you live, you can farm some sort of insect that will turn out to be safely edible. This makes insect-based products extremely saleable to a modern world with a highly developed environmental conscience.

Another fantastic advantage is that insect protein can be substituted in animal feeds for pets rather than fish protein or animal protein which is used currently, allowing more of these foods to be consumed by humans without farming intensity growing to levels that destroy the natural surroundings of villages and towns in many countries such as Canada and Russia where food production is high.

With new products on the market such as the cricket-based powder products for healthy protein intake, the squeamish factor is likely to decrease, although some people will certainly have more difficulty coming to happy terms with the idea.

GTme are looking at products produced in Canada and the US with plans to trial them in the UK so keep your ears to the ground...

Or just go outside at night and see if you can hear some.



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