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“Creating a healthier world, together”


GTME for Exercise Professionals


GTME is an innovative, world-first App that empowers exercise professionals who love fitness, health and outdoor group exercise.  


Become a GTME instructor


  • Earn great money
  • Set your own schedule
  • Get clients brought to you


The average life expectancy for a personal trainer in the industry is 12 months.


GTME has innovated the solution;


GTME is an innovative, integral system that allows trainers to make great money, while doing no extra work outside of sessions to get, keep and manage clients.


GTME provides a platform for trainers to set their own schedule, allowing trainers to work where and when they want – becoming more productive, while reducing the risk of burn-out!


GTME instructors train anywhere they like – Balmoral Beach, Bondi or Melbourne – this keeps motivation sky-high and allows you to enjoy new and exciting locations to train!  Not to mention you can travel and train – making money on the go! 


As a GTME instructor, you don’t have to worry about the paper work, admin, bookings, programming, payments, sales or marketing – that’s our job! We bring you the clients and in turn you bring your fire and passion! We don’t want you wasting precious time, energy or focus – save that for facilitating GREAT sessions and motivating members!  


GTME is dedicated and motivated towards providing cutting-edge and world-class education for our instructors and our members too! As a GTME instructor, you’ll have access to leading edge UpskillMe programs that facilitate your continual growth.


GTME for members


We believe that outdoor group training should be bigger!


Outdoor group training has variable standards. You don’t know what you’re going to get. This is the biggest problem!


The solution


Here are some of the key solutions GTME offers that will radically revolutionise and innovate outdoor group exercise from a member’s perspective…



GTME innovate the outdoor industry by creating new standards, trust and consistency in the service. We are bringing a new quality of service to the industry, making every workout, a great workout!  Members can trust that what they pay for will get the results they want and is consistent every time they use the service! This is achieved through a system that enables familiar cutting-edge, choreographed sessions that are delivered in a consistent, energised and passionate way, every time!


Costly up-front fees and lock-in contracts are usually synonymous with outdoor group training. This level of commitment to services people aren't familiar with is scary for customers.  GTME members only pay for the sessions that they do. No obligations and no lock-in contracts involved.  


GTME intends on offering more locations than any other fitness business in the world. This provides Instructors and members a wide array of convenient and motivations locations to exercise. This makes outdoor group exercise with GTME more convenient than any other service in the world! 


Training can be hugely beneficial or dramatically destructive to the body. It’s not uncommon to see poor techniques and poor form being executed in group training.  That is why GTME develops programs that focus on more than “smashing” people. We believe in teaching the quality of movement through intelligent exercise program design, highly experienced Instructors, smaller groups of people for greater attention to detail and member education. We really do focus on “functional exercise” that gets results!


What is GTME?


GTME is essentially a fusion between Uber, F-45 and Les Mills. GTME looks to deliver quality, consistency and world-class outdoor group exercise that’s affordable, effective and convenient for members, around the globe.


Instructors are not employed, they are contracted. This means GTME Instructors run their own business, operating and working when they want.


GTME contains the flavour of F-45 and Les Mills, through offering choreographed functional programs which our Certified Instructors use to facilitate great group workouts, every workout! Our programs are focused on intensity, energy, effectiveness, relationship building, functionality, education, movement and technique. 


GTME is an App based business working towards building a community of exercise professionals and individuals that are inspired to get healthier, together!   


GTME is an innovative concept that is designed to bring clients to instructors, while instructors set their own schedule – similar in concept to Uber!


Members can exercise when they like and where they like easily and conveniently with no obligations or upfront lump sum payments! GTME offers effective and consistent programs facilitated by experienced highly energy Instructors, meaning members can trust they’ll get a great workout, every workout!


Members get the certainty of a familiar, effective and dynamic workout, regardless of where they train - Sydney, Melbourne or New York!


GTME is dedicated towards creating a healthier world, together.



GTME Core values

  • Make people feel Good 
  • Give people what they want 


Every company has core values that navigate the direction and effective decision making of that company.


GTME is committed towards making people feel good, while achieving our mission. The real motivator behind the actions (or inactions) of human-beings is the feelings associated with whatever they are doing.


Whenever GTME offers, invests-in or commits to anything, it must align with its values:


·         Will it make people feel good?

·         Do people want it?


What people want


When you ask a client what do they want - he or she will almost always respond with “to improve my health”, “to get fitter”, “loose weight” or “feel better”.


When we summaries these responses, they all fall under one banner, and that is: 




Understanding how to motivate people is the key to giving people what they want!


As experienced exercise professionals, we all know people can get results in multiple different ways, doing a variety of different things.


People don’t lack the knowledge or resources for achieving what they want, they lack the motivation necessary for starting, continuing and maintaining the results! Motivation is what people want and GTME is committed towards finding innovative ways to motivate and inspire people.


From our experience and research, we can break Motivation up into four categories:



  • Environment
  • Results
  • Social
  • Education




Motivation and the environment are inextricably linked. A stimulating environment such as the beach, green grassy parks or the sheer pleasure of watching the sun rise up as you work out is extremely powerful and motivational.


The best gyms, facilities and outdoor groups in the world all have one thing in common – they’ve invested in creating extremely motivational environments that feel amazing to work out in – keeping motivation sky high!


Outdoor training that has no one set location is the greatest solution to this problem. We can keep people motivated through dynamic, flexible and beautiful environments which keep people interested and motivated. Imagine doing Yoga while overlooking the ocean or working out with iconic landmarks such as the harbour bridge as your back drop.


A part of the environment is also the instructor’s energy and enthusiasm. A great GTME instructor creates a high level of energy which motivates even the most unmotivated of individuals. A great GTME instructor can rock the socks off of members, motivating great workouts anytime, anywhere!  


The environment is also created by the members that make up the session. Research into the most successful group exercise facilities in the world shows that woman are much more likely to do things in groups, while men are not. However, woman bring men, because men love woman! This is a great motivational tool to help appeal to EVERYONE. Woman are motivating and get guys moving!  


People start for SELFISH reasons, but stay for SOCIAL ones. GTME focuses on creating a positive, uplifting community that values building bonds and relationships.


Almost everyone knows that MUSIC is powerfully motivational. GROUP-EX has always leveraged off of the power produced by a good beat. While GTME will rely more on the instructor and exercise itself, during later phases GTME intends on offering special programs that are uniquely choreographed with music.






Motivation works hand-in-hand with the fruits that you bare from the effort you commit.

In other words, when you get results, your motivation grows!


The level of commitment that a person actions, is inextricably linked to the belief that it will work. Reinforcing connections between the service and getting the results that a member wants helps to grow a person’s motivation.


GTME breaks results down into 2 categories.

  • Short-term
  • Long-term


Short-term results



a major indication of a good workout for most people is how much they've sweat. While focusing on movement first, creating workouts that get people sweating is integral to motivating them and making them productive.



Shorter and more intense workouts have a favorable metabolic and biochemical response over longer, drawn out sessions. This leaves members feeling energized without depleting them. One could almost suppose that feeling good is strongly linked with, feeling energized!


Emotional state

Feelings are the sensations created from experience. Shifting someone’s emotional state can impact the rest of their day! Every time a member leaves, it’s GTME’s objective to facilitate that member leaving feeling far better than when they started the session. Remember, it’s your emotional state which dictates your decisions and it’s the decisions you make that create change. Results are dependent on making new decisions, which are strongly supported by a positive emotional state of being! As GTME instructors, we have the power to support REAL CHANGE, while giving people what they want!



For physiological and biochemical reasons, high intensity, short and energising workouts do a great job at reducing peoples stress, this makes them feel good and also gives them what they want.  




Long-term results


Gaining peoples trust in GTME requires a demonstration that what we offer works.


GTME will not only market the results and transformations that are capable from our system, but the social and health results also!  People are moving away from simply wanting physical, superficial results. While they’re important, so are the health and wellbeing and the social aspects too!


While short term metrics can be measured subjectively, long-term results are best measured objectively.


The metrics GTME considers important are;




  • Relative strength
  • Fitness
  • Weight-loss
  • Muscle hypertrophy




  • Relationships
  • Community




  • Longevity 
  • Energy levels 
  • BMI
  • Biochemical
  • Emotional Well-being




  • Weight 
  • Body measurements 
  • Photos 
  • BMI
  • Relative strength & Fitness testing.
  • (Optional service within the members profile inside of the application)




It’s no secret the world today is quickly becoming more and more impersonal and isolated, despite many amazing platforms that are social! 


The overuse of social media platforms, isolative office jobs and a world saturated in division has inhibiting much human connection and communication. 


Humans are social creatures by nature. This is why we love to exercise is groups. Group exercise is an extremely motivational tool which helps people get what they want by increasing retention and making exercise social, GTME will dramatically improve people’s motivation.


GTME has a strong emphasis on community, bonding and relationships.


We believe that people stay part of the community for social reasons.


GTME is a community, more than a company. We strive to build strong bonds that help work collectively towards our mission to make the world a healthier place, together!


A sense of community is emphasized within GTME sessions, facilitated by motivated, passionate and energetic instructors and through active community efforts such as UpSkillMe, public events, collaborations, educational materiel, social events and more.


We truly believe in community and creating community is a core value of GTME.


Becoming a Pioneer GTME Instructor is essentially becoming the core foundation of that community.






Think about the last course you did, paper you read or book you finished and how that added motivation and fuel to your workouts and health program.


People are motivated when they learn new things. GTME recognizes and values education, not only to show we care, but to fuel the motivation tanks of both GTME Instructors and GTME members. 


GTME focuses on education in a variety of ways.


The theme of education pervades GTME in all areas. From the way sessions are conducted, we empower members with education within sessions, through to hosting major events held for the empowerment of our community.


GTME is truly dedicated towards adding value in members lives through offering educational services, many of which are free, such as free workout programs, Videos, Informational materiel, articles, blogs and more. We are dedicated to making the world a healthier place, together using tools like education which stimulate motivation! 


As a Pioneer GTME instructor, you will have the opportunity, to become a part of the think tank sessions, content creation, program design, social media marketing, photo shoots, videos and more. GTME believes in promoting and honoring the GTME instructors, as Pioneer instructors, you will have great opportunity for career growth and expansion.


Education for GTME instructors




UpSkillMe is designed to educate our instructors while creating a community and having fun. UpSkillMe is intended to provide a platform for GTME instructors to grow, become better skilled, earn CEC points and expand their knowledge, together!


GTME also intends on hosting face-to-face education seminars for trainers, providing exclusive education material, videos, research and more.




ReTrainMe is hosted every 3 months and is dedicated to teaching new program choreography. As Pioneer GTME Instructors, you’ll have the opportunity to help new GTME Instructors grow while also having free access to ReTrainMe.



Become a GTME “Pioneer Instructor”






Succeed in fitness  


As you now know, the average life span of a PT in Australia is ONLY 12 months?


Most Personal Trainers don’t fail in the industry because of exercise knowledge or skill sets – they fail because: 


  • Inadequate skills and time for marketing and sales.
  • They don’t put themselves and their own needs first
  • Not mastering the basics and continuing education
  • Not being 100% committed to the job


Personally, as the lead GTME visionary, I believe that Personal Trainers are much more valuable than what people realise. I also believe they play a integral role in the mission towards making the world a healthier place, together!


That’s why I’ve innovated a system that allows trainers the freedom to free up their valuable energy and invest it in focusing on what matters most – training the members.


GTME is motivated towards educating Personal Trainers in the areas that may result in their early exit from the industry.


The birth of GTME has evolved out of innovating solutions that plague Personal Trainers and members, which ultimately impact the worlds health! 


Increase Your Profits


Contrary to popular belief, your own personal needs must be met before you can help others effectively!


“You can’t give what you don’t have” – Unknown.


All one must do is simply study the Triune Brain Theory and ultimately compare it to the principals of success, wealth, good health happiness and innovation.


Money means survival in today’s world. Making great money for trainers doing great work, which impacts the world positively is a value that GTME believes in and promises to honour.


As a GTME instructor you earn 65% of all revenue. As a pioneering instructor you earn 75% of all revenue from each session.


It’s our goal to work towards maintaining and creating an 80% average attendance rate for every session generated, world-wide.


While you take the responsibility into your own hands, GTME logistical teams take responsibility for ensuring the correct trainer to member ratio to ensure optimal attendance, every session. This unfortunately means we can only take on certain trainers that align with our values and who are passionate in what they do!


Every GTME session is a flat fee of $20.00 per session for members. Every session has the capacity for hosting 10 people.


This means you can earn up to $130 dollars per session (45 minutes of training time and an hour of your time total which includes set up, pack-up) or up to $150.00 dollars as a GTME pioneer instructor per session! That type of money is unmatched on such a scale, currently within the industry.


Train where you want


GTME will grow and expand fast! We aim to continually register new locations throughout Australia within the next 12 months. GTME visions expanding into other countries within 18 months!


This means not only can you regularly enjoy different locations within Sydney, but you’ll soon be able to enjoy great locations Australia wide and world-wide!


It’s my personal objective to help innovate systems that creates freedom for GTME instructors, while being able to still make great money!


The environment is a key factor in getting members motivated. It’s also intrinsically related to your own inspiration levels, as a trainer and instructor. When GTME instructors are happy and motivated, you will facilitate far better sessions!


I personally can’t work or train at one location for very long without becoming bored – now you don’t have to either. Choose different locations regularly and keep motivated! 


By using your login on GTME’s app, you simply find locations that you want to train and organise your session accordingly.


You can train at Gore hill oval one day, at Balmoral the next. You choose where and you choose when!


Set your own schedule 


As a GTME instructor, you’ll be able to create sessions whenever you like.


Manage your own schedule.


Essentially, GTME is the same as Uber, only for outdoor group exercise GTME instructors. You’re not employed, you run your own show and control your own sessions. We simply support you!


GTME works perfectly with your current or existing business or employment situation.


As an instructor, you create your own sessions. Creating a session is easy! All you need to do Is log onto the app, and create them 3 to 7 days in advance. You create them when and where you want to run them. This give your sessions adequate time for members to join them.


The GTME App will have either 60 minute intervals, 30 minute intervals or 15 minute intervals as available starting times for creating sessions. This makes it simple for starting times.
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As a GTME instructor you have no requirements to train. The system is set up purely to allow you complete control. GTME is simply able to facilitate you getting members to train!


We believe in stimulating motivation through environment versatility and also providing personal trainers the options to travel, train when they want and make great money! 



No extra work


Traditionally, the greatest stressors for personal trainers, or any small business owner for that matter, is the paper work, marketing, administration, invoicing etc. Ironically, it’s actually not the training itself!


All these added tasks are not normally paid – a time and energy cost to your day. Your time, energy and focus are your greatest resources. GTME believes that to be a great personal trainer, you must first wholeheartedly be focused on the training and the client! 



GTME takes care of the marketing, bringing the clients to you! GTME looks after the accounts, payments, administration and programming. All you do is turn up and do your thing!


GTME pays you for your sessions that you’ve completed. However, as you are not an employee, you must pay your own Tax and G.S.T. This is simple and GTME will provide supportive information on how this is managed.


We take all the redundant and trivial inessentials out of the equation so that you can maximise your time, energy and focus on what matters most – the members and the mission!



Setting standards


GTME plans to innovate outdoor training by creating a high level of consistent standards and quality within the outdoor industry. We strive to bring trustworthy, effective and huge energy to every workout – on a scale that has never been accomplished before.


GTME plans to achieve this by creating effective, efficient and motivating workouts that are choreographed programs which:


  • Focuses on the quality of movement
  • Improves functionality, posture and relative strength
  • Relies on minimal to no equipment
  • Encourages team work & bond-building
  • That are fun and challenging for all levels of fitness.
  • Scientifically cutting-edge


People feel better knowing what they are getting, as long as it’s accompanied with enough variety to stimulate excitement!


How do we meet these needs?


The certainty is knowing the program and standard of service that they will be getting, regardless of if they train in Sydney, Hong Kong or New York. The variety comes in the way of different Instructors, new programs and GTME members.


GTME as a community is motivated towards giving people what they want while making people feel GREAT!


The problem with outdoor training from a member’s perspective, is that they can’t be certain that what they’re getting will match their expectations!


Ensuring certainty is a key priority of GTME, achieved through bringing standards to the outdoor industry that is currently lacking.   


Rating system


As GTME Instructors, your passion, execution and energy will be reflected in your star-based rating. Similar to Uber, every trainer is rated by the members via an in app, five-star rating system.


This is an important aspect for sustaining GREAT standards. But it goes deeper than that, people need motivation and the most motivational aspect of any training session is YOU! Upholding this by personal responsibility is exciting – see how many stars you earn!


That is why a star rating system is important. To sustain great standards and empower Instructors with personal responsibility.


Performance in the minds of member is measured by:


  • Precision and execution of the workout facilitation
  • Mannerisms, presentation and characteristics
  • Energy and motivation 
  • Punctuality
  • Likability
  • Communication
  • Fairness
  • Skill & knowledge


Understanding that your STARS will inadvertently effect your income is important also. The star-based rating system serves to exclude favouritism & politics associated in many companies and big businesses. Instructors who are five star will deserve it through their actions and not words alone. 


Training Programs


GTME is innovative and dynamic. We understand that people are looking for a variety of services, but we also realise more and more people are exercising dangerously and unintelligently. 


As experienced and knowledgeable trainers, you all at one point or another would have slapped your forehead in utter disbelief at the form and technique of people in group training exercise classes. Exercise should NEVER induce or increase the risks of INJURY by poor technique or by reinforcing poor motor-patterns into the nervous system.


This is why I have created 5 programs, of which 3 will be implemented during phase one. All programs have an undercurrent theme of focusing on the quality of movement, neural development, stability, postural awareness, multi-plane movement patterns and overall functional benefit in everyday life. This is what separates us from the rest – education and intelligent program design, which caters for a great workout and also gives people what they need! This is the art of program design.


FitMe - fuses boxing, movement and high intensity interval training together for one dynamic, challenging and fun workout. Get a hard sweat and improve your cardiovascular fitness.


CentreMe - Focuses on relaxing the “monkey mind” while activating bodily awareness through a mixture of Yoga poses, Tai Chi and Pilates that are designed to strengthen, lengthen and balance the body through breath and movement. Feel energised, calm, balanced and whole.


StrongMe - Focuses on blending primal movement patterns, isometric holds, strength exercises and partner resistance to improve relative strength, power and performance.


MoveMe - Focuses on infant development, evolutionary movement patterns, dance choreography and Osho inspired dynamic meditation which are design to tap into your bodies innate wisdom and intelligence. Get stronger, get functional and reconnect with your body through a program that explores your limitations.


EssentialMe - Is a program designed for member education. This program focuses on foundational movement patterns, core stability and postural awareness. Unlike so many other brands, we focus on educating and not obliterating our members.






Every workout lasts 45 minutes in duration. This caters for lunch breaks, busy people, people who want to get to the point while also respecting what the literature & research supports.


Physiologically and biochemically, it’s more favourable to train at higher intensities over a shorter period. Today, due to ever increasing stress levels, poor nutritional habits, stimulant abuse, sleepless nights and more – are at an all time low of “vital reserves”. Training short, intensely and effectively is timely, convenient and beneficial for today’s world and member’s results!


As an Instructor, you spend 10 minutes preparing the space for the workout and a further 5 minutes packing up, while answering any questions members may have.


Training programs will be choreographed for three months’ segments. Within the programs, there will be minor changes, progressions and regressions that cater to suit all people and levels of fitness.


As certified instructors, you’ll be required to study and learn the programs that you’re registered to teach, prior to the new program starting date. Before each start date, you’ll be assessed over a 1-2 hour face-to-face session held by GTME. This ensure quality and standards. With low standards, the services as a whole suffers which in turn can impact your ability to make great money and make a difference!





To begin with, GTME will be utilising no or very minimal equipment. GTME wants everyone to be able to become apart of the community. Through feedback and collaborating with all our pioneer instructors, we will determine the direction of equipment use! If we choose to utilise equipment it must be mobile enough to be transported on foot, by all GTME Instructors.


It is my vision that all trainers can become apart of the community! So GTME is innovating workouts, without the necessity of any equipment. This means you can travel and train and don’t need a car!


During phase two, we will implement unique special programs which will utilise equipment. These Programs will be subsidiary to the major 5. 


GTME small groups will be facilitated by our very best, highest ranked instructors and Pioneers. Being a Pioneer instructor, you will be leading these fun and dynamic groups if you choose.


The only essential pieces of equipment;


<![if !supportLists]>2.      <![endif]>GTME Flag.

<![if !supportLists]>3.      <![endif]>Trainer Shirt


The cones serve to zone off the necessary space while the flag will act as a land mark for members arriving to the session.


Both need to be set up 5 minutes before the official starting time.  





There is a three step process involved when becoming apart of the GTME community.


Every instructor must be register and provide all the prerequisites to GTME upon registering as a GTME instructor;


Cert 3 & 4 in fitness

<![if !supportLists]>2.      <![endif]>Covered under personal insurance that covers outdoor exercise and groups training. 

<![if !supportLists]>3.      <![endif]>18 years or older.

<![if !supportLists]>4.      <![endif]>Obtains a current CPR and First Aid.


Once you have submitted all the prerequisites, trainers will complete an online learning course that covers;


Communication & group facilitation

GTME core values and our Corporate Mission

Movement and performance education

Program/s you intended to teach (and practice).



Phase three is attending a training day for 2 hours where you are assessed and given everything you need.


When you pass, you’re now a GTME certified Instructor. Congratulations!


Now, you can begin creating session, make great money, enjoy amazing outdoor environments and help make the world a healthier place, together! 



Become a GTME “Pioneer”


As a Pioneer GTME instructor, you’ll become an integral core of the team. Becoming part of GTME now, means you experience the birth, growth and potential it will become. Pioneer instructors have a significantly important duty in the growth and expansion of GTME’s vision. 


As a Pioneer, you’ll be an integral part of the growth by sharing your inspirational stories, taking part in think tank sessions and having significant and valued input with many of the important decisions needed to be made.


Pioneers will become the foundation of GTME and because of this will be offered many rewarding opportunities, as they arise.


Pioneers will be certified and trained for free and paid more than GTME Instructors. As a Pioneer, you will receive 75% of all revenue made from sessions, for the extent of your time with GTME. That means a pioneer can earn up to $150 per session.


Pioneers will lead the launch of GTME, taking exclusive market share and building the vision.


Pioneers are important and will represent GTME inspirationally. If you believe in the spirit of GTME, have huge energy and actually want to make the world a healthier place, then you’re already a pioneer and welcome to the community!



The future of GTME


While I want to stay grounded in the current task-at-hand, the future for GTME is very exciting and promising.


After executing the essential innovative concept of GTME, GTME will move into GTME plus and GTME small.


GTME plus will require highly skilled and efficient instructors (Pioneers) to gain further education in Pre & Post natal, child exercise & work with elderly groups.


GTME small will essentially be the same service as GTME only with smaller groups meaning more attention per member and more equipment.

GTME small will be smaller groups than GTME, with a maximum 5 people.


After actioning these next stages of GTME, we will work together on innovating a concept which helps bring members to trainers for one-on-one exercise.




UpskillMe is an integral aspect in creating further growth and empowerment for GTME instructors. UpSkillMe will be held 1-2 times per year. It aims to provide the very best speakers, innovators and educators for a 2-day event that earns instructors CEC points and a wealth of broader knowledge and skills.


Personally, I truly believe in empowering trainers towards becoming the best version of themselves – GTME is heavily invested in your education and values investing time, money and resources into creating better trainers for a healthier world. 


We place a huge emphasis on community and community means growing together! UpSkillMe is truly a time to celebrate our community and build great bonds while empowering and lifting each other through becoming greater!


Where to from here…


GTME is in its preliminary stages. Right now, we are focused on creating bullet-proof systems that empower Instructors while giving members the services that they want!


It’s only a matter-of-time before we roll out GTME, and this is why we need GREAT trainers to become GREAT GTME Pioneer Instructors to lead the way.


You have been invited here today to help grow this vision into a reality. You have been selected because I personally believe that you align with GTME values and ethics.


GTME needs pioneering, creative, passionate and innovative individuals that seek to make a real difference and who are experience in outdoor exercise, fitness and health.


GTME as a company and community as a whole is dependent on empowered individuals like you, who share the same vision and mission and who believe in GTME’s vision as much as I do!


This idea not only adds massive value, improves standards and helps shape the industry positively, but it offers an amazing service for all involved while creating a community of health-conscious people hoping to make a positive impact on the world!


Becoming a Pioneer is not for everyone, but by doing so you are taking part in a fitness industry revolution!  







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