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Are we partly solar powered?

Are we partly solar powered?

OK it sounds like a strange question in some ways, but actually most lifeforms on Earth are. Every plant or plankton is generating oxygen from carbon dioxide on a daily basis with power from the sun. Using photons in the ultra-violet spectrum they perform a synthesis of a product of combustion into sugars and Oxygen:

This is truly an astonishing feat as in the eyes of Oxygen breathers there is waste product, unless as a plant you are considering Oxygen very much the same way we consider CO2 that is. 

Recent research at the university of Washington has shown some truly astonishing discoveries that may surprise as well as enliven you in a very simple way. Water is, without doubt, the most incredible substance in the universe to us Carbon-based lifeforms. It is also pretty impressive to scientists that study Nanotech or Quantum theory. Have a quick listen to Dr. Gerald Pollack Below:

As well as the photosynthetic split of CO2 then, there is also a split of 2 H2O → 2 H2 + O2 carried out within the process of Photosynthesis except that it is of the form H2O  → H+ + OH- This means that there is an electrically charged set of chemicals being formed within the photosynthetic subsystem which appears to be able to aid movement of muscle and other protein or cell based processes.

Energy, for instance, is given to our blood flow from photons in the infra-red margin which eases the strain on our internal organs such as the heart and lungs which are also aided through the electrochemical charging of water by sunlight within them.

So we get our energy from food as well as from light by the use of water and plant cell life within our body.

Drink green juice - daily!

Walk barefoot on on the ground to earth yourself...


From the sun to other electrical influences - what about the offices we often sit in full of WiFi and computers - if our bodies are so reliant on electrical charge then what effect does the modern home/office environment have on us?

Do we need surveys of our electromagnetic environment to ensure our bodies will continue to run properly? What is the impact of a close-by electric circuit or electrical device on oru cells and blood flow?

Well fortunately localisation of the polarisation of electric current is just that - local enough in most cases not to be an issue, but chemicals are. Chemicals, If you are convinced that Aluminium concentration or Strontium or Mercury are in increasing abundance in our atmosphere, have a direct and local effect on electrochemical reactions, fields and charge. As a result they are extremely damaging to many electrochemical biological interactions.

So stay outdoors, wear no shoes and drink kale :)

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