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The positive effects of improving your environment at home

The positive effects of improving your environment at home


More and more people are coming to understand the huge importance of thinking and feeling positive and none more than those of us in the fitness and health trade.

One of the often overlooked ways of improving your state of mind is by improving the environments where you spend the most time, work and home. We often focus all of our design energy on our gardens and our sitting rooms but not so much on our office/study or our bedroom, where we spend the majority of our time.

The truth, of course, is that the office is actually a bigger influence on our state of mind than any other environment, as it is where we endure the most stress and the most challenge. It is also a space that has to be robust and practical, whether you are using it as a part-time gym and training area, or just as a space for your admin and communication time.

So what we need is a few touches that are quick tom implement and that will not wear the scars of a client spilling their coffee down the walls or bringing along the children for half-an-hour.

Well perhaps these are a good fit, something you can just drop on your office sofa that really can transform a space as long as it has decent lighting:

Any sofa with a few of these in the back office or simply at the side of your training area really is a head-turner, but more importantly they are something that can bring you joy every day when you are arriving or leaving, or just looking up wondering what to try next.

You can see the whole selection at Nicole Jenny's throw cushion page on Fine Art America but do be sure to stretch any designs to cover the whole cushion for the proper results.

We have four currently in the GTme office and they are magnificent, and if you have a certain inspiration or desire you wish Nicole to capture, you can ask for a commission at 

GTme Pioneer Trainers in the UK

GTme Pioneer Trainers in the UK


How would you like to be able to take payments by card automatically and to keep track of all of your clients attendance, all from your mobile device or phone?

Well with GTme we are offering pioneer trainers the opportunity to do this for free. Our product is designed for exercise professionals by exercise professionals. The app keeps track of all of your attendees and their payments and you need to do is to hold the class.

For your clients, nothing could be simpler. You simply need to have them install GTme and then register as a user. Once registered they can look through your classes and join whichever day, time or venue they desire from a map & timetable showing where and when all of your classes are being held. 

GTme Fitness Finder MapGTme Fitness Finder Map GTme Fitness Finder TimetableFitness Finder Timetable


On the map above they can see classes or groups of classes (corresponding to the numbers above where 2 denotes how many classes are occuring in a certain venue on that day or week) and in the timetable on the right they can see when the different classes occur.

Clients joining the classes are then registered as attending against the number of attendee spaces allotted to the class and once the class is full the clients will have the choice to book the next class or choose a different week, day or venue.

For our Pioneer Trainers we are dropping all fees and only passing on the card transaction charges from the bank so that trainers and exercise professionals can experience GTme for themselves at no cost.

If you are a an individual fitness professional or a training/exercise company looking to organise your classes or lessons then get in touch to join our pioneer programme and experience GTme on an ongoing basis with no fees*

* fees are 20p + 1.4% per card transaction.


Is There Any Real Science in Weight Loss

Is There Any Real Science in Weight Loss


A typical performance read-out on a gym machine


When we are burning calories on a gym machine, how is it calculated?

How does a machine calculate my heart-rate so quickly - it couldn't possibly have gotten an average in that time?

What sort of efficiency calculation does a machine perform to calculate how much energy I am expending at any one time?

These are all pertinent questions to put to the technology companies now involved in telling us how to lose weight and how well we are performing in our seemingly never-ending quest for the perfect body. It doesn't matter anymore if you are a soap star, an athlete, a schoolteacher or a librarian, everyone needs to have the perfect body...

And so we establish a plan to lose weight, based upon calorie intake and output, that's a scientific method after all. It is amusing that some fitness professionals are finally coming round to the idea that this is about energy in and out of a closed system. But that is not the whole truth, not at all. The average exercise machine (we're going to look at the cross trainer for a minute) can be used efficiently or un-efficiently, and this has a massive impact on how much energy you expend in it's use. With careful coordination of arm and leg movements you can drastically reduce the amount of energy you expend on, say a 50 minute workout that registers at 900 calories and 10km on the machine read-out. I see people with their arms high, pushing for all they are worth with both arms and legs, struggling with the cross-trainer and I see people who do not use their arms at all make the same exercise intensity look easy. This is all about motion and the pickup of which limbs are driving which part of the motion as well as how you are distributing your weight. If you can time your weight transitions using your legs and introduce the motion to your legs with a tiny precursory push from your arms (so that your legs take-up the motion you arms have already started) you can massively improve your performance according to the machine in measurable terms, I mean that if you are using a generator model you will increase the wattage you are producing, but the truth is that you are not losing weight faster, just generating electricity more efficiently.

The only real way to measure calories is to generate electricity as you go, and this will only give you the real figure as there will be a loss of efficiency in the generation process, but it will give you an exact relative figure to compare to what you generates last week or the week before, as long as you are using more-or-less the same technique. If you are developing your technique as-you-go then you can use your energy output figures to measure you effectiveness if you maintain a steady calorie intake and consistent exercise as you change your style. You will have to measure your output using your own weariness but this isn't exactly an unknown as your calorie intake will dictate how much energy you can easily expend (believe me I have tested this thoroughly.)

Many heart-rate readings are derived from skin temperature and this is not a given relationship for everyone. It is also heavily affected by one's environment and subject to rapid change under different conditions such as having held an ice-cold water bottle a second earlier. Many calorie or energy in watt calculations are formed of force over distance assumptions that may not take into account how you are distributing your weight or where you are standing or holding various parts of a machine.

1 Newton is 1 unit of weight or force under gravity which on Earth is usually assumed to be roughly 1/10th of a Kilogram; 9.80665 newtons make up a Kilogram in the lab.

Moving 1 Newton over 1 Metre takes 1 Joule

Generating 1 Joule per second gives a power rating of 1 Watt

And so moving the cross-trainer through 1 metre per second shifting a mass of 10Kg gives 100 Watts because

10 Kg = roughly 100 Newtons being moved every second.

1 Calorie = heating 1 ml of water 1 degree 

1 nutritional calorie is actually a Kcal (1000 calories)

1 Kcal = 4186.8 Joules

so 1Kcal requires lifting a 10 KG weight 42m 

So 100g of Branston Pickle means running  800m if you weigh around 80 Kg so just think what the cheese means!

GTme Trial for Trainers

GTme are offering to cover the banking fees for GTme to get trainers to try using the app with their customers - this trial is to get feed back from trainers and see what benefits GTme gives to them in their own experiences and allow for an unbiased evaluation for the product.

We are recruiting any trainer or teacher of fitness or sporting activities in the UK and want to encourage many different schools of thinking to take part as possible.

If you are interested in having a system that your students can use to book your classes for free and allows you to keep track of your classes and payments then please drop us a line as we are very keen to get you using the app on your own terms and without any obligation to engage with any contract or subscription.

Helping modern Britain find their favourite activities...

Could you help us make fitness easier for the mobile device generation? We are seeking some tech aware PTs and group exercise pros to spend five minutes with us posting sessions on a new app. The process is quick and simple and costs nothing to register or post sessions on.

We are trying to find fitness and health professionals who can help us make joining fitness classes easier for the mobile device generation. We need good, tech aware people to help us populate our map with their classes and sessions so that users browsing the local area will find decent classes to join.

We are advertising on Reading buses, radio, stations and online so now is a great time to sign-up and benefit from our campaigns to drive the younger generation outside or to the gym.

Registering takes just a few minutes and we would love to get you onto the system so prospective customers can find you and your classes or sessions easily.

GTme is an idea built on freedom of choice and seeks to encourage exercise by letting people find what they enjoy rather than telling them what to do.


Recruiting Personal Trainers in Berkshire - GTme

Recruiting Personal Trainers in Berkshire


Are you a personal trainer in Berkshire?

We would like to help you with:

  • Marketing
  • Attendance
  • Organisation
  • Community
  • Reputation

Although we are not a marketing firm - we provide app software to help you get your business organised and popular.


Our app focuses on advertising group training in the local area to users of our app on their phones.

The concept is very simple - you add some activities that you host on your phone, stating where and what people need to bring etc. by entering the details into your mobile:



Once you have defined your classes you then use the app to schedule the lessons for the coming weeks:



As you can see here, the trainer has defined some cardio and workout sessions for the next few days.

Now users will be able to see the sessions across the week and book their attendance:



Each session has a number of places and the trainer is notified as each place is taken.

The trainee is guided through paying for the class and is then able to use the map to locate the class in time for attendance.

No more keeping track of money, registration, attendance, or client records. The quality of your sessions is all you need to concentrate on to increase your rating and your popularity.

GTme - Find your fitness freedom and beat the subscription restriction.

The Best UK Personal Trainer App

The Best Personal Trainer App


What you want or expect from a personal trainer app is up to you - if you want a machine to shout in your ears saying 'Two more reps - YOU CAN DO IT!' then that's fine.

If you want a machine to tell you what to eat, then that is fine too.

After all we are told where to stay in hotels by machines, what shares to buy by machines, we are sold items on eBay and Facebook by machines, so why not just take orders directly from them?

Well at GTme we don't believe that this is a healthy way of living, in fact we don't like our freedom being imposed upon in any way.

We don't like subscriptions, we don't like contracts and we certainly don't like paying for what we don't get.

That's why we invented GTme.

GTme brings people together by showing an event that they can book a place in, on their phone.

It doesn't make you sign up for a course, or try and change your lifestyle, like having a personal trainer does. GTme offers you classes to attend in your local area. If you decide you want to go then that's great because you will meet like-minded people in your area, all of whom are enjoying the class they wanted to attend. They don't have to go every Wednesday night, but if that's what fits in with the kids, then they can.

GTme asks for ratings on the classes you attend so that other people can see which classes are the most enjoyable or the most intense. It allows the best instructors to shine, so that they can get the students they deserve.

In other words, GTme is a way of entering the fitness community at your own pace and keeping up with new classes and events.

You only pay for what you want, and no one tells you how often you have to go, except in a friendly manner.

If you're a trainer GTme costs nothing to join or to advertise on, we only keep a fraction of the fess for the new attendees we send you.

So what's not to like?

The best personal trainer apps tell you what to do?

We don't think so!

Posting a new Group Exercise Session to GTme

Posting a new Group Exercise Session to GTme


Posting a new session to GTme is how you begin as a Group Exercise Instructor on the GTme System

First of all, login to GTme with your instructor account...

Once you have logged in, you will see the following:

Click OK to proceed to the My Groups screen...

This is the 'My Groups' page of GTme where you can see your groups and how they have been scheduled for the coming week.

There are three different coloured selection types at the top - SCHEDULE, CURRENT & ARCHIVE. These three screens you can select to display the three different views of your Groups. Lets' just take a minute to familiarise ourselves with each group and what we can expect to see on each screen.

Firstly, on the SCHEDULE section, we can see there are currently no groups showing for the current week. Currently we have no groups scheduled and so this screen is blank, as above. In order to be able to schedule a session this week, we first have to define a group type, which is what we can see if we click on the CURRENT coloured button, next to SCHEDULE. Let's try that now:

This is where the currently defined group types are available, but as yet, we are yet to define any. Any group types that we had defined previously would be available here. If we had any Groups that we had decided were defunct or no longer required, we could archive them, whereupon they would appear under the final coloured box ARCHIVE but there will not yet be any classes defined there either.

Let us go ahead and define our first group, and we do this by clicking the + sign at the very top right of the screen, and we will the this screen pop-up:

This is where we enter the details of our new group details. The details are particular to a type of class rather than an individual session, so we schedule these classes into sessions once we have defined the class. The class is a template for an activity that you can schedule as frequently as you wish.

Lets's get some details into our first class so that we can get scheduling our sessions...

The class type is simply a division between Cardio, Strengths or combined Cardio and Strengths. Select one of these...

Now choose your group size. If you are looking to do a cardio group exercise sessions, you can select a large class for filling a hall, but with strengths selected, you will find the number of trainees to select smaller in most cases.

Depending on the situation you have with a school you are working for, or if you are a private business in your own right, the price may be filled in for you, but in most cases you will have to select a value.

Now you can fill in the group name, which is best chosen as something that describes the activity in a clear and obvious way to the client, as well as where it is taking place. You will then need to enter the equipment situation according to what clients will need to bring etc.

GTme - Group creation screen one

Experience has shown that this is best kept as obvious as possible as well. Regular clients choosing to re-book using the app will obviously already know what to do, but this section is included to keep people from holding up classes by arriving without the correct gear.

You should also enter the description as simply and obviously as your can, and bear in mind that they description may well be what makes clients choose you sessions above another, so make sure it is exciting and succinct.

Now we move onto the second group creation screen:

GTme - select group location

From this screen you select where the group will be taking place. If you have the same type of class that you run in more than one location, it can often be easiest if you set-up a group for each so that you can schedule them easily, and the group name describes where they will be being held to avoid confusion. Once you have selected the location, you can press save.

You will receive the message below asking if you want to schedule a session for the group straight away, and in this case we shall do that so that a session is scheduled.

Click YES on the above. This takes us to the scheduling screen where we select a slot we wish to schedule the group for. We start by selecting the week (which always begins at the current week) using the arrows to either side of the week dates. Groups can obviously only be set in the future, and once we have chosen the week we wish to schedule a session in, we select the day by pressing the appropriate + sign.

Now we see a dialogue box asking what time to set the session for:

You choose the time by scrolling the numbers of the 24hr clock to your chosen time and pressing the tick at the top left of the highlighted area. You will then be asked if you wish to repeat the session:


Choose the number of times to repeat the session if it is a regular slot of yours, or simply select one if not. Now press the tick at the top right of the highlighted area once more. Your class will appear in the scheduling screen as below:


Now you can click the 'SAVE' button at the bottom and your class will turn from Red to Grey, indicating that it has been scheduled, but that it is awaiting members.

As your class fills you will receive notifications of each registration until your class is full whereupon you can either enter another class at a later time or simply leave them to select the next session you have already scheduled.

If you have other means of users registering for classes we recommend allotting a certain number to GTme and a certain number to the other method, this way you can always add or remove places on the GTme sessions as more or less people sign up from other sources.

Now you are ready to being training with GTme - have a great time with us, and please ask if you have any questions about our services at all. Our instructors are paid their income from the app weekly but we can make other arrangements if required.