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What is GTme?

GTme is the fitness finder app. GTme finds all of the local fitness classes in your area so that you can sign-up and pay immediately on your phone, and guarantee your place. The app shows all of the local fitness activities on a map so that you can see how close they are and what types of sessions are available.

If you love fitness and want more variety, GTme is a great way to meet new people in the local fitness community as well as exercise. GTme keeps you both free and active because it offers no ties and no restrictions, just access to all of the local fitness sessions and classes.

GTme Advantages

  • No contracts or obligations - just attend the classes you want, when you want
  • Oversubscribed classes are a thing of the past - once booked, your place is guaranteed
  • Try something new - pick from a range of activities, from yoga to weight training or HIIT
  • Find activities in your area without seeing the same results ranking top every time!
  • Meet other people passionate about keeping fit in your community

How do i join

No obligation




Exercising in the great outdoors is known to provide an extra boost, so why not grab your kit and find out what’s on offer nearby?

With the ease of organising a GTme class, trainers can pick a good day and create events at short notice so that everyone can enjoy the weather.

As the clients are looking at emerging classes on their phones, trainers can organise classes with less notice and still get attendance.

GTme lets you:

  • Quickly find sessions running at your preferred time and place
  • Join up with others who want the same type of workout
  • Choose a trainer based on other members’ ratings


There’s no need to feel chained to the same gym!
GTme lets you sign up to sessions across your area without being tied down to a contract.

Pick the class you want to attend - group exercise classes for boxercise, martial arts, aerobics, stretches and mats or circuit training, and enjoy different types of exercise with different groups of people.

Compare classes at different gyms with different instructors and find groups you enjoy to train with.

  • Quick and easy to book - prepayment means no cash is needed on arrival
  • Confirmed space - no more being turned away at the door
  • Wide variety of sessions available, from cardio to weight training



Popular classes like yoga and pilates are often oversubscribed but, with GTme, instructors can run extra sessions so no one has to miss out. Indoor classes are always locked to a maximum number and with GTme, your instructor can set the number of attendees when posting teh class so that the right number of students are attending for the venue. No more overcrowding as everyone knows in advance who is attending and who is not.

You get:

  • More chances to attend your favourite classes
  • Dedicated and passionate instructors every time
  • Loyalty points and discounts for leaving reviews